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1. Case Material

■ Case Material:

➤ Poly Carbon Plastic ( Made in China )

➤ Hard, Slim & Flexible (3 quality in 1 material)

➤ Scratch Proof, Dust Proof Gurantee

➤ Made with Love and Good Hygiene

2. Print Quality

■ Print Quality:

➤ Sublimition Print (We don’t use Cheap Quality UV PRINT)

➤ Life Time Print Guarantee*****

➤ Premium Full Body Printed

➤ Washable*** You can wash with Hexisol/Dettol/Detergent/Soap

3. Delivery Charge

■ Delivery Details:

➤ Inside Dhaka: 70BDT

➤ Outside Dhaka: 150BDT

4. Contact us

5. Wholesale

■ Whole Details:

If you are willing to take at least 50Pcs of phone cases (regardless of design) at once, then you are eligible for our wholesale program at a cheaper price with other perks.

The perks includes but not limited to are

  1. Design support (minor)
  2. Delivery support
  3. Cheap Rate
  4. Operational Supports
  5. Digitalization of the process


6. Return, Refund, Exchange & Cancellation

■ Cancellation:

Cancellation is not possible after a order is confirmed by us that it is placed. Because each order is different, and we can not simply resell it to someone else. So please be careful with your order confirmation. Once locked, you have to receive the product.

■ Return, Refund, Exchange:

Refund and exchange are possible only and only if the product is found defected in front of the delivery person. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Once the delivery person leaves the premises, you are no longer eligible for refund, exchange or return. However if the product is found defected, we will reprint, resend as many times as it doesn’t satisfy or meet the requirements. We also provide refund if customer wants to. But in all cases, the delivery charge must be carried by the customer.

7. Delivery time

We try to delivery as soon as possible, but we use Redx as our delivery partner.

You can track your both order status and delivery status from: https://www.artboardbd.com/track

However it usually takes: 2-4 business days to delivery inside dhaka and 4-7 business days to delivery outside dhaka.

But during special days or rush hours, it might take more time. In case you want the case to be delivered urgently, we can through pathao parcel, but that is very costly and can be delivered within same day.

8. Custom Design

You can print with any design you would like. With additional 50BDT charge, we can customize the design fit your phone case. Provide us the following

  1. Good quality image (because low quality results in terrible prints)
  2. Phone Model & Dimensions
  3. Any Special instructions that you would like us to keep in mind.

You can inbox us, call us, email us, we are available for you!

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